Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Off again

Finally Ray whispered to Valda that he was feeling better and did she want to keep going?
Valda could hardly contain her excitement and took off down the step. Ray was a little anxious but took a deep breath and began to steady himself to then follow her.

Pressure vs adventure

Valda and Ron stood beside a doorway in the part shade as Ron felt a little dizzy and overwhelmed by the day's adventures so far. He said to valda that he needed to catch his breath and take a moment before he could continue on. Valda was concerned for Ron but also was itching to explore. She felt a little anxiety but also a great sense of adventure.


As they reached the far end of the building they tentatively looked around the corner. They weren't sure where they were or what they would find but as they moved forward things looked more promising. They were in a country paddock that was being turned into a garden of some sort.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vimeo video

My first draft of a video I am doing in the online course Montage -  using the story line from Time passes.............but.

Still need some music and possibly some wording but nothing has really come to mind yet

 Video draft


Thursday, November 8, 2012


Valda took Ron by the arm and they approached the next corner. Hopefully they were past the worst of their worries. Anyway it was all still better than standing trapped in the cupboard of the Op shop.

Let's continue.

Ron and Valda started again towards what they thought was the house. Perhaps they would be safer there? Ron put his arm round Valda  as they reached the corner - he was a bit nervous and still feeling a bit clammy after his encounter with the dog and subsequent fall. Hopefully everything would be OK now?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hopefully - nothing to worry about

Ron took another look around at the cat who had started to clean itself. Obviously it wasn't interested in them right now. Ron took Valda by the hand and said "let's go further in and explore as we have come this far anyway". Valda looked at Ron and said "OK, let's go. Wow what a day this has been so far my love"